A NEW WAVE OF ACCESSORIES: functional, organized, cruelty-free, and thoughtfully designed to the smallest detail.


In early 2007 we launched our first COLAB Collection in Montreal, Canada.  Together with our talented designers and team, we created a strong community whose focus is unwavering on producing high quality vegan products.


Our signature details and brand colors can be found throughout the entire collection: note the COLAB branded loop in red and cream colors, subtle star reinforcement stitching, signature keychain attachments on larger bags and COLAB padded cell phone pockets… The more you look, the more hints of subtle brand cues there are on each bag.


Since the launch of the brand in 2007, COLAB is and always will be 100% Vegan.

We are committed to not using any animal based materials in our accessories and are proud that these efforts are recognized by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
COLAB is dedicated to keep exploring innovative ways to improve our sustainable and ethical efforts.


 Not only are the materials we use PETA-Approved Vegan but the collection features an extensive range of high quality, soft, recycled materials that have been tested for durability and strength.

Discover our RECYCLED Collections here.

The COLAB Recycled Collections feature solvent-free, water based materials made from post-industrial and post-consumer waste.  Equivalent to 3 plastic bottles per bag, these cutting-edge materials help reduce carbon emissions and the use of fossil resources compared to usual industry standards.

How bottles are used to make our materials:

These small changes have proven to have some big results.
Since implementing these RECYCLED Programs into our programs since 2021, COLAB recycles 107’000 bottles into its materials per season.


Focused on FUNCTION

Fashion without function doesn't feel right; We create things with purpose.

Our goal is to give our clients something lovely to wear that will also be extra conveniant to use throughout their day.

Explore our CONVERTIBLES line for unique handbags that can be worn in
different ways.

Sometimes our items shape-shift and are reversible, sometimes the bag can be transformed into totally different shapes (top handle → backpack →  hobo).  These high performing styles are key items in our collections thanks to their extra functionality and conveniance.

We're really into ORGANIZATION

COLAB’s best-selling styles often have organizational elements to them.
Fans of the brand are into being organized:
Added pockets, card slots, hide-aways for electronics, and additional features where one’s personal items are compartmentalized is key.

Discover some of our top ORGANIZERS.


A focus for COLAB is to implement a positive outlook and beauty towards the items we make, the projects we embark on and the communities we are building.

We want to make things lovelier and more loving, give back to our communities and have a profound, positive affect on all living things.  We believe that every bit causes real change.

We are grateful for having wonderful charities around us that share this social impact initiative, and have worked with the following over the last few years: